Back Pain Treatments

Back pain is a very common complaint. It is estimated that over 80% of adults will suffer from it at some time in their lives and, for some, it's a chronic condition. Chiropractic care can help. Dr. Mark Kowakski of Kowalski Chiropractic in Dublin, OH, offers treatments and therapies to help you get back to a pain-free life. 

If you are suffering from back pain, many things can be the cause. Sometimes it is as simple as reaching or turning the wrong way. It can be overuse of your back, and sometimes it is more serious. When the discs are involved, it can result in sciatic nerve irritation, which can cause pain that radiates from the back down one leg. There are many chiropractic treatments that can bring relief from back pain. 

Spinal decompression

If your discs have become herniated or are bulging, you may be in very serious pain, and you need relief as quickly as possible. Spinal decompression is a nonsurgical treatment for these disc conditions. The treatment takes place on a specially designed table and is operated with a computer program. The program stretches the spine to separate the vertebrae and this creates a vacuum which pulls any discs that are out of place back into their original location. This can take the pressure off the nerves and the muscles. 

Ice Pack Cryotherapy

The use of ice pack cryotherapy is especially helpful with muscle spasms. It reduces swelling, inflammation, and pain and is particularly helpful shortly after an injury. The cold helps to numb the pain and after the initial treatment in the office you can apply it at home. 

Massage therapy

Massage therapy is very beneficial when you are suffering from back pain. It can help with tension and get your muscles to relax. It works well together with other chiropractic treatments to make the treatment more effective. You can choose a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage to work the core muscles, or a relaxation massage. 

Cold laser therapy

Cold laser therapy uses light waves to promote healing at the cellular level. It causes a low level of heat in the affected area that helps the body to heal itself without drugs or surgery. It can be used on the back to alleviate pain. 

Ultrasound therapy

This therapy uses sound waves to provide healing and pain relief to the soft tissues. It helps to disperse the knots and muscle spasms that can cause back pain. 

For help with your back pain, Dr. Kowalski of Kowalski Chiropractic in Dublin, OH is accepting new patients. Give our office a call at 614-798-8050 or use the contact us form on our website.  

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