Disc Injuries

Disc issues may not suddenly come to mind when we consider our health. The truth is that discs play a pivotal role within the musculoskeletal system and may need supportive and preventative care from time to time, depending on your overall health and physical activity. Dr. Mark Kowalski at Kowalski Chiropractic in the Dublin, OH, area is dedicated to chiropractic that will allow you to live a better quality of life, including treating disc issues you may develop from time to time.

Your Need-To-Know Guide on Discs

The discs in your body are your intervertebral or spinal discs. These all-important joints are your body’s shock absorbers for the spine, functioning as supporting structures and allowing marginal mobility. Spinal discs comprise two main parts: a tough outer shell and a gelatinous core.

These discs may receive damage when strained beyond normal limits, or they become injured during athletic activities, work due to repetitive motion, or you sustain personal or auto injuries. This may include herniated or slipped discs where the gel part bulges out of the hard outer layer into the spinal canal. This displacement can cause severe pain due to the limited space within this area of the body and is most common in the lumbar or lower back region.

In addition to the damage due to injury, the disc gradually degenerates as we age, and the ligaments begin to weaken, making us more vulnerable to disc issues. There is also a familial predisposition to suffering from disc issues, and certain diseases and chronic illnesses may also impact your spinal discs.

Chiropractic Care For Your Discs

The good news is that Dr. Kowalski at Kowalski Chiropractic, serving Dublin, OH, is on hand to provide chiropractic care and treatment based on your disc issues or other chiropractic needs. Chiropractic care utilizing spinal decompression and other techniques is very effective in treating almost any disc issues you may have.

This natural and holistic way of treating your spine can have a fundamental impact on your overall musculoskeletal system, allowing you to bounce back to a more pain-free life more quickly and without the need for invasive treatments and regular use of OTC medications.

Additionally, chiropractic can help provide preventative care for disc issues, especially for athletes and patients with physically-intensive jobs.

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For those patients residing in Dublin, OH, and the surrounding areas suffering from disc issues, Dr. Kowalski at Kowalski Chiropractic has over 29 years of experience providing pain relief and preventative care. Don’t wait any longer – call us now at 614 798 8050 to book an appointment or 614 975 4579 for a telephonic consultation.

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