Pain Relief

If you're suffering from pain, you're not alone. Around 116 million Americans live with chronic pain, and acute pain often leads to chronic pain conditions. If you're seeking pain relief in Dublin, Ohio, Dr. Mark Kowalski with Kowalski Chiropractic can help. With three decades of experience, Dr. Kowalski can help you find the best treatment possible to help you live a pain-free life. 

Relieve Your Pain: Treatments Available 

Living with acute or chronic pain can be debilitating, and if you're tired of waking up and feeling discomfort, there are many treatments available. 

Therapeutic Ultrasound 

This treatment is highly effective at treating both acute and chronic pain. In situations where an injury has recently occurred, it is able to penetrate into the muscle tissue and prevent the formation of scar tissue. This aids the body in healing properly and can prevent an acute injury from leading to a chronic pain condition. 

For patients with chronic pain, this treatment can be altered to produce a warming effect, which helps to relax the muscles and release tension. 

Spinal Decompression 

If your pain is caused by a herniated or bulging disk, spinal decompression may be the right treatment for you. This is done a few times a week for approximately 8 weeks, with each session lasting around 20 minutes. Spinal decompression is great for patients who would like to avoid pain medication that is often prescribed for bulging and herniated disks. 

Electric Muscle Stimulation 

This treatment may sound intimidating, but it is a relaxing and painless way to reduce swelling, target trigger points to unlock tense muscles, and promote overall healing to the impacted area. Electric muscle stimulation is ideal for pain in the neck and back but can be used in other areas to help relieve pain. 

Microcurrent Therapy 

Similar to electric muscle stimulation, microcurrent therapy helps to reduce pain and inflammation. It is also ideal for soft tissue injuries and muscle spasms. Microcurrent therapy is painless and discreet and is not felt by the patient during treatment. For those with acute or chronic pain, this can help bring relief to tense and inflamed muscles. 

Are you tired of living in discomfort and ready to seek pain relief? Dr. Kowalski with Kowalski Chiropractic can help. Discover your options for living a pain-free life with Kowalski Chiropractic at 614-798-8050. 

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